Multifunctional Recycled Asphalt Heating and Thermal Insulated Truck RTZS-5

Technical Parameters:

Max Volume: 

3 m3

Emulsified Asphalt Tank Volume: 


Max Combustor Capacity: 




Productivity per Load: 


Fuel Consumption: 


Mixing Method: 

Forced Rotary-Plow Mixing


Product Characteristics:

·Asphalt Mixture Transportation: Optimized Thermal Insulation Design Reducing Heat Loss to a Minimum, with a Max Capacity of 3m3, Most Suitable for Long Distance and Long Duration Transportation.

·Capable of Recycling Old Asphalt Mixture: Old Asphalt Mixture Can Be Reused by Adding New Asphalt and Aggregate, the Whole Heating and Mixing Process Is Controlled by the Intelligent Digital Console.

New Asphalt Mixture Production: Capable of Accurate Consecutive Metering of Various Aggregates, Smart Heating Control, Precise Hot Asphalt Addition, Fine Mixing, Quick for New Mixture Production.

·Production and Transportation of Casting Asphalt Concrete: During Transportation the Equipment Is Capable of Heating the Asphalt Concrete up from 160℃ to 240℃, Perfectly Meets the Special Requirements of Casting Asphalt Concrete.


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