Mobile Concrete Mixer Mode RT-603

Technical Parameters:

Production Capacity:2-3m3/unit
Productivity:22 m3/hour
Volume of Aggregate Bin:2.1 m3
Powder Bin:1.6 m3
Gelatin Powder Bins:3 m3(1.6 m3/0.7m3/ 0.7 m3)
Water Tank:860L.
Admixture System:80L.
Secondary Engine Capacity :40KW
Mixer Length:2743mm
Mixer Diameter:304.8/228.6mm
Scraper Chain Conveyor System:YES
Overall Dimension:7380*2310*3460 mm
Curb Weight:7080kg

P.S:  Four joint hydraulic pumps, maximum workable diameter of gravel up to 40mm.

Specific Metering System: Provides accurate metering of different materials like cement, gravel, sand, water and various admixtures, the standard conforms to and exceeds the GB/T10171-2005 standard.

More Convenient: Capable of producing concrete of various designated types at any time required by simply adjusting material ratios.

More Economical: Compared with the current concrete plants, being free from second transportation and factory production, capable of reducing the cost by more than 20%.

Greener: Capable of recycling certain building wastes by reusing them on site; the level of noise and dust occurring during the producing process conforms to the national urban environmental protection requirements; no waste of materials.

More Efficient: Functional in remote and confined areas off the grid, can be used in coalition with pump truck and other equipments


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