Mobile Concrete Mixer Mode RT-410

This equipment is capable of carrying and storing all the materials (including cement, sand, gravel, water, fiber, latex, emulsified asphalt and other admixtures) for making concretes of different types. The aggregate is transported at a even rate to a spiral agitator where the aggregate and other admixtures (when needed) will blend finely together, and after about 300 times of rotations, concrete of high quality is thus produced. The mixer’s production of concrete is based on volumetric calculation, so it is capable of producing various designated types of concrete with the same precision by adjusting the ratio of the materials during the feeding process. The proportioning process of the materials for different specified types of concrete can be completed in a matter of seconds with precision. It is capable of producing concrete not only in a continuous way with a capacity up to 45 cubic meters an hour, but also at intervals with a specified amount. It’s an ideal concrete mixer for producing a wide variety of concretes, such as shotcrete, mortar concrete, permeable concrete, coloured concrete, polymeric concrete, etc. Its application in producing concrete is virtually unlimited.

Product  Features:

Specific Metering System: Provides accurate metering of different materials like cement, gravel, sand, water and various admixtures, the standard conforms to and exceeds the GB/T10171-2005 standard.

More Convenient: Capable of producing concrete of various designated types at any time required by simply adjusting material ratios.

More Economical: Compared with the current concrete plants, being free from second transportation and factory production, capable of reducing the cost by more than 20%.

Greener: Capable of recycling certain building wastes by reusing them on site; the level of noise and dust occurring during the producing process conforms to the national urban environmental protection requirements; no waste of materials.

More Efficient: Functional in remote and confined areas off the grid, can be used in coalition with pump truck and other equipments.

Model: RT-410
Production Capacity: 8-10m3/unit
Productivity: 22-45 m3/hour
Volume of Aggregate Bin:6.5 m3
Powder Bin: 4.5 m3
Gelatin Powder Bins: 3.2 m3
Water Tank: 1890L.
Admixture System: 160L.
Secondary Engine Capacity :77KW
Mixer Length: 2743mm
Mixer Diameter: 304.8/228.6mm
Scraper Chain Conveyor System:YES
Overall Dimension: 9540*2500*3720 mm
Curb Weight: 15200kg

P.S:  Four joint hydraulic pumps, maximum workable diameter of gravel up to 40mm.


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